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State University, all disciplines, education (58,000 students, 2,700 teaching staff members). Additional information on - Size (only Faculty of Engineering): 5,760 students, 260 professors, 450 non-teaching staff members. Additional information on The Università di Firenze is running one of the largest LLP Institutional Contracts in Europe, both in terms of volume of activities and awarded grant. Traditionally very active in many kinds of international co-operation with more than 380 partners all over Europe, it is an active member in many associations in that field (EUA, SEFI, CESAER). The School of Engineering of the University of Florence co-ordinated different European projects such as: SOCRATES TN E4 (2000-2004), SOCRATES II TN TREE (2004-2007), EUR-ACE (2004-2006), EUR-ACE IMPLEMENTATION (2006-2008), EUR ACE SPREAD (2008-2010), TEMPUS DEREC (2005-2008) and TEMPUS PRO-EAST (2006-2007), TEMPUS VICES (2009-2012).
Role in the project
The University of Florence (UF), School of Engineering will act as contracting and coordinating Institution of the DEREL TEMPUS project. It will play the role of promotion of the project at international level, ensuring the visibility also outside Europe, organization of meetings, management of the project budget, coordination of activities of training and retraining of the PC academic staff, definition of DEREL curricula and lifelong learning courses, preparation of educational material offering tutorial, expertise and consultant services, curricula accreditation procedure. The Experience of the University of Florence in the field of Environmental Curricula (present at this institution since 1991-92) allows the involved academic staff to give a great support for the fulfillment of the DEREL project objectives. The University of Florence will be a Leader of the DEREL Management Board, responsible for all project activities and achievement of the project outcomes and deliverables.

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